“Championing young Indonesian artists” – Apple Music

Who is NSG?

Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG) is a music producer, songwriter, performer and owner of a digital independent label which based in Jakarta named NSG Music Recordings. He was born in Indonesia and raised in London, United Kingdom. NSG graduated from Kingston University and took a major in music. Before he came back to Jakarta, he worked in Activision’s DJ Hero as DJ/MashUp. Now he’s an established music producer in Indonesia and has worked with such big names in the country as Rinni Wulandari, Jamie Aditya, Indah Dewi Pertiwi, Citra Scholastika and many more. He also produced music for young and talented artists under his label NSG Music Recordings in various genres, from Pop, R&B, Hip-hop, EDM, World Music and more.

Not only working behind the camera, NSG also a performer. He is a singer, rapper and DJ. With Trinity Optima Production, a big label in Indonesia, NSG has spawned two radio hits, titled “Good Time” and “Ngumpul Ngumpul.” Under his own label, he has produced more radio hits like “Starlight,” “Losin’ My Mind,” “Sempurna” and “Undercover Lovin.” In 2015 he joined an EDM music competition on NET TV Indonesia called The Remix, where he and his partner, Meichan Munos, took the fourth place on the show as Rarasurya. Apple music stated that NSG is championing the young artists of Indonesia, and that makes NSG want to contribute more to music scenes and do his best to make his craft known, not only in Indonesia, but in the global market.

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What is NSG Music Recordings?

We Believe in changing the world for the better by celebrating and capturing the essence of the human spirit. We produce great international pop records at a creative pace that’s exceptional in Indonesian Music industry.

Our core business:

  • Recordings
  • Publishing
  • Management
  • Content Creator

Our History:

NSG Music Recordings is a young and developing Digital Music Company in Indonesia. Founded in Jakarta on November 2014 by Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG) whose previously known as music producer of some Indonesia’s finest singers such as Joeniar Arief, Indah Dewi Pertiwi, Citra Scholastika, Rinni Wulandari, and many more.

We dedicated in youth Indonesian Music #MusikMasaKini by producing and developing our talents to reach their full potential and hopefully to reach international acclaim.

Our Clients:

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